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Methods Of Pest Control


Pests are small crawling animals that usually hide inside the house and are usually irritating because some of them might bite you while others damage items in the house. Biting pests include bed bugs and mosquitoes which usually suck blood from you and make it uncomfortable to relax in the house especially when they breed and grow in number because they usually leave the skin itching and sore sometimes. Pests that destroy items in the house include rodents which bite clothes, weevils which destroy maize and beans in the store and cockroaches that feed on stored food. These domestic pests should be controlled as much as possible to make sure that their effects are limited and not as irritating.


Rats can be controlled by using poisoned food which can be left at the entrance to their holes or in some corner in the house so that they can eat it and die. When using this method, you look around the house daily to ensure that any dead rats do not start smelling in the house. Another method that can also be used is the trapping of the rodents. You can set a trap with some food to attract them so that when they reach over to eat it, they can be trapped until you find them and throw them away. You should be careful when removing a rat that is alive from the trap because they also bite when scared. Read more about pest control at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hometalk/8-homemade-pest-control-s_b_5667174.html.


The cockroaches and mosquitoes can be controlled by spraying a good pesticide in the house so that they can inhale and die. Most of the insects today have become resistant to some pesticides, and it is therefore important that you buy the best pesticide which is proven to be effective in eliminating the pests, click here to know more!


Lastly, bed bugs can be controlled first by observing cleanliness whereby you can wash all things in the house regularly and airing them in the sun so that if there were a few of them that had found their way into the house, then they can die before they breed. You can also thoroughly wash any second-hand items you buy with hot water before putting them in the house to ensure that the bed bugs that might be hiding on them can die. You can also buy a recommended pesticide from the chemist shop to spray the entire house in case there is a widespread infestation of these pests to completely kill all of them, click to know more!